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Personal History Moment: White Wolf #1
Back when I was in the sixth grade, a couple of high-school students from Rocky Face, Georgia started their own game company, and they put out a zine called Arcanum. After printing their premier issue, they found that the name was already in use, so they changed the name to White Wolf. I saw that first issue at the bookshop at Walnut Square Mall, and I decided that I could write for them, so I mailed them a one-page article which they used when they reissued #1. I wrote another article, a scenario for the Star Frontiers board game, but it wasn't very good and it didn't get accepted. I wouldn't be published again until I hit high school when I did a couple of computer columns for the Dalton Advertiser.

Those students, Stephan and Stewart Wieck, went on to build one of the most successful role-playing game companies of the 1990's, building a "world of darkness" around vampires, werewolves, mages, and the goth kids that loved to pretend to be them. White Wolf Games is still around and making new stuff, although they don't seem to be printing the magazine anymore. From the RPG Database, it looks like the last issue was #49, and then the name changed to "White Wolf Inphobia" which ceased publication with issue #57.

I've just posted pictures of the cover of the first issue, its table-of-contents, and my article posted in an online image gallery.

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So what the hell was the deal with Mark Rein(dot)Hagen? And how do you pronounce a dot, anyway?

Sorry, I have no idea... I completely lost touch with those guys after they rejected my second article. I didn't even find out much about Vampire until 1996 when I picked up a copy secondhand at Half-Price Books.

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