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I've very much in favor of Austin having a good rail system, but the current proposal is really broken, and starting with it would sabotage any future work. Here are some pointers to some of the writings that convinced me to vote 'no' this time around.


I hope that they can come around and propose a good system for the next election, one that provides a good interior-Austin transportation service that express buses and commuter rail could link into. Taking the 2000 light rail proposal, fixing it to address South Congress concerns, and providing a good link to the airport would be a great start.

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Perhaps it's a bit cynical, but don't you think that opponents of making a rail system might use its having been voted down as fuel for an anti rail campaign? "The poeple must not want a train system. They keep voting it down."

Perhaps. However, Austin is growing enough that it's obvious something has to be done to improve public transportation. In 2000, the light rail vote was very close -- 51-49. However, the system proposed this time isn't as good as what was proposed in 2000, and I think the feedback from the voters needs to be "try again". I didn't vote "no" easily. Of course, I've already taken my own steps to curb Austin's traffic congestion -- I live where I work, saving two trips a day :)

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