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California Redux, Hartley Update

I just got back from my trip to California a few hours ago. This is related to the California trip I took the previous weekend. The flight from Austin to San Jose is about three hours and twenty minutes, while the return flight is just three hours due to the jet stream. My meetings went well, although the previous set of meetings went better, and now I've got a decision to make. I've got the feeling that I'm going to become pretty familiar with these flights over the next few months. I'll post more details when I feel exposing my plans to the world.

A mailing list I'm on just pointed me to, the website for Hal Hartley's production company. When looking at the sales info for several of his shorts, I saw that they are planning a DVD called "Possible Films" for later this year that will include most of the shorts that aren't already collected on video. This is great news, and very close to what I said I wanted in my Hartley LJ entry from last week.
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