The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Cleaning Out My Fridge

Earlier tonight, I was looking for some salsa, and when I opened the big Costco container of salsa in my fridge, I noticed a white layer of mold on the top. That went in the trash very quickly.

This spawned a bit of industriousness, and I proceeded to sort through my refrigerator, tossing out any items that I couldn't remember buying. Out went the cup of yogurt that expired on July 23rd of some year that wasn't 2004. Out went the random jars of mustard that were left to me by the previous owner of the house back with Clinton was our president. Out went the cheese that I got for making pesto last fall, but never unwrapped. Out went the stick of butter that I'd not used since 2002. Out went the jar of jalepeno jelly that I got from a friend on a trip to Georgia about three years ago. Out, out, out!

After getting rid of the bad old foodstuffs, I was actually able to move all the of the remining items around to clear off one of the shelves. This was removed and cleaned. Another shuffle, and the other main shelf was also removed and cleaned. My mom says this needs to be done every five years, so I'm good until the next election cycle.

Now, for the fun thing -- restocking the fridge with cool stuff from Costco and Central Market. I really do need some fresh salsa, although the chipolte black bean dip I whipped up in its place was very tasty.
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