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The Morning After
Well, Kerry has conceded. The presidential election is over. I'm angry, but I want to find a productive place for that energy.

There are a few things that I will do:

  1. I will remove the political bumper stickers from my car. The cycle's over, and I did my part in showing support for Kerry and Strama. Now, it's time to replace those with a funny pro-vegetarian sticker or a really cool Waterloo Records bumper sticker remix. When 2006 rolls around, I'll clear off those and resticker myself for that campaign.

  2. I will start being more active in writing my politicians. If I've got time to write a blog post about something that bothers me, I've got time to send letters to the people that represent me.

  3. I will research the upcoming stars of both the national and local Democratic party to become more aware of who's likely to run in '06 and '08. I didn't get involved in the primaries this year; next time I want to be ready.

  4. I will pay more attention to the right-wing media. I know I can't listen or watch too long without tearing out my hair, but they're going to be running the agenda for a while, and I've got to know what they're talking about in order to figure out to argue against their agenda.

  5. I will take an active role in the open-source eVoting movement. There are lots of rumors of voting machines having a Bush bias this year, and while I don't put a lot of credibility into the stories yet, the best solution to fixing this is to have the software that runs our elections be open and auditable.

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I'm definately considering a contribution to BlackBoxVoting.org ... If nothing else, those FOIA act requests need to get in before the Bush admin revokes the FOIA act entirely.

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.


Sweetie. You seem to be one of the very few out there who 'got it'. And I just can't Thank. You. Enough.


Thanks! I really don't want to demonize Bush supporters. I think most of them are good people, but they are people who have a different set of priorities and who respond to authority differently from me. The left is good at empathy, but we were so angry this time that we didn't listen to the concerns of our fellow citizens which meant we didn't have an effective answer to them; the answers we gave didn't ring true, as they weren't said in a language that those voters understood.

I can't blame us all the way. The Republicans really did some dirty tricks this time around, including plenty of misrepresentation of the record. Sites like http://www.factcheck.org/ are a testament to that. But even when we say the truth, the right has developed a built-in mistrust of anything not coming from a right source, making it hard for that light to reach the people.

You're right. And no demonizing of anyone is going to help anywhere at all. But out of all the negativity that's been going on, you have been one of the few who seem to understand that taking that anger and putting it into more creative and positive avenues helps our society as a whole so much better.

I can't believe I've been reading people who act so mature most of the time willingly reduce themselves to levels that even most 5 years olds think are beneath them just so they can throw their 'stones'. They're slapping their friends in the face and then running off so that there won't be any 'retalliation' by turning off comments in their posts (in most cases). That shocks me; they are allowed to have opinions/etc., but yet their friends can't? Or they can't be upset? Although there is the 'other side'. Those who are griping and moaning and groaning about it so bad and yet act as though there's no reason for them to do anything about it.

Ack.. I'm ranting.. I'm gonna stop now *meek*... *huggle*

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