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The Morning After

Well, Kerry has conceded. The presidential election is over. I'm angry, but I want to find a productive place for that energy.

There are a few things that I will do:

  1. I will remove the political bumper stickers from my car. The cycle's over, and I did my part in showing support for Kerry and Strama. Now, it's time to replace those with a funny pro-vegetarian sticker or a really cool Waterloo Records bumper sticker remix. When 2006 rolls around, I'll clear off those and resticker myself for that campaign.

  2. I will start being more active in writing my politicians. If I've got time to write a blog post about something that bothers me, I've got time to send letters to the people that represent me.

  3. I will research the upcoming stars of both the national and local Democratic party to become more aware of who's likely to run in '06 and '08. I didn't get involved in the primaries this year; next time I want to be ready.

  4. I will pay more attention to the right-wing media. I know I can't listen or watch too long without tearing out my hair, but they're going to be running the agenda for a while, and I've got to know what they're talking about in order to figure out to argue against their agenda.

  5. I will take an active role in the open-source eVoting movement. There are lots of rumors of voting machines having a Bush bias this year, and while I don't put a lot of credibility into the stories yet, the best solution to fixing this is to have the software that runs our elections be open and auditable.

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