The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

What Do Other People Think?

I've spent some time this morning reading what the world is saying about GW's victory. Here are links to the articles that made me think (and occasionally shiver).

From Kerry supporters:
Kerry concedes. (Boing Boing)
Bush unbound (Sidney Blumenthal, Salon)
Well, what to say? (Josh Marshall)
A Mandate for Culture War (Andrew Sullivan)
Rove's Race (John Nichols, The Nation)
A Vote for Fear (Ari Berman, The Nation)
Simple but Effective (William Saletan, Slate)

From Bush supporters:
The Great Relearning (William Bennet, National Review)
The Sound of Inevitability (Jonathan V. Last, The Weekly Standard)
President Seabiscuit (Noemie Emery, The Weekly Standard)

I admit not being able to find many good articles on the pro-Bush side... I don't have a lot of links to those writers, and many of the ones I found from today were "nya-nya" pieces, rather than reflections on what really happened. If you've got any other good links, please post them in comments.
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