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Was Florida Hacked for Bush?
The writer of this article seems to think that e-voting was rigged for Bush in smaller Florida counties: http://www.commondreams.org/headlines04/1106-30.htm

The statistical analysis looks compelling. Unfortunately, there's no way to recount the counties that seem to be lie outside the reasonable predictions, and I doubt exit polling was extensive enough to be able to provide numbers that can be used to verify the results. Arghh!

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I've been looking at the incident reports from verifiedvoting.com, and it's really...scary. I still don't think the "we didn't have time" excuse for there not being a paper trail is valid. I found articles from August 2003 calling for it, and I bet it was proposed before then. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but this would be the perfect way to pull off a rigged election.

Data looks sufficient

It looks like Florida registers voters by party. So, if the voting actuals are 100-200% off and the voter turnout is high (so you can't say that 100% republicans voted and no democrats), it looks fishy if Florida's the only place where huge numbers of democrats voted for Bush. It seems to be worth some more investigative journalism to me.

Re: Data looks sufficient

And, with optical-scanned paper ballots, a recount should be possible.

exit polls and rigging Windows systems

If the exit polls have never been this off before, how come they were off in so MANY battleground states. The part that shocks me the most about this article is where Bush is told he's lost the election by his own people, according to associated press??? But the really scary part is the explanation on how easy is to rig the tabulations and how it's impossible to trace!!!

Re: exit polls and rigging Windows systems

Yes, it's scary... I'm glad you posted, as they've added a lot to the article since I originally linked to it. I read earlier that three Democratic House members have asked the General Accounting Office to do an investigation of what happened with evoting this year; I hope they will do a thorough job of looking at it both from the perspectives of the voters and possible defrauders.

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