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The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

More Audio Sessions of Interest

I drove down to Houston on Thursday, and I downloaded a bunch of audio programs to keep me company on the long drives.
  • Dave Winer talks about his career, how RSS got started, what it is like to work with Microsoft and Apple, and what is happening with podcasting. Link
  • Joe Trippi describes the organic structure of the Howard Dean campaign and why this kind of connected political movement threatens the power structures of the existing political parties. Link
  • Thomas Barnett, a professor at the Naval War College, describes the US's military situation as a conflict between the globalized and non-globalized worlds and argues that the world needs a system to handle politically bankrupt states, similar to how we have institutions like the IMF to facilitate the recreation of economically bankrupt countries. He contends that the US has the capability to topple regimes, but doesn't have the capabilities or the alliances needed to rebuild civil society. This one was really fascinating, and even if you don't buy all of his premise about what's best for the world, its a good look into the thinking of the leadership of our armed services. Link
  • Malcolm Gladwell talks about how focus groups don't provide accurate results, how slight changes to preference testing methodologies can drastically change the results, and how we don't really understand why we desire things. This is a really nice talk for anyone that has to design items for other people since it shows the bias you can introduce in your test subjects. There are nice details about the Aeron chair and the Pepsi Challenge here. Link
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