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Florida Results Explained
I commented on Saturday about reports that shows anomalies with rural Florida voting. Today, lies.com has more pointers to articles on voting problems. One of the articles is a refutation of the article I referenced before, and I think it does a good job of explaining the numbers and arguing against there being a massive fraud.

As a programmer, I'm amused that one of the systems used in Broward County seemed to suffer from a 16-bit overflow bug; this happens because 16-bit signed numbers in computers can only express the range -32768 through 32767. Apparently, when vote counts started exceeding 32,000, they showed up as negative; this occurs because math in those systems wraps around; if you add 1 to 32767, you'll get -32768 and an overflow bit will be set on the processor. Unless your programming language is designed to catch that overflow, you'll never notice it.

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I don't know WHAT that page is trying to say...

First off- Cuyhoga went to the Democrats - almost 66% of the vote. If the Dems had the capability to subvert the polling machines, why didn't they take the state?

Second - The totals shown on the page itself (Total Voters:1005807, Ballots cast:665334 = @66% turnout?) don't jibe with the idea that somebody was pumping tens of thousands of extra votes into the system - Isn't 66% about what you'd expect for a 'Battleground' state? I mean, if anything, it seems a little lax.

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