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P.O.'ed at Metrowerks

(Please disregard this... my talk is back on, per a decision this morning. Yeah! - BLC)

I just got notice that Metrowerks management has canceled my talk at PalmSource 2004. You can see the details at The reason given is that Motorola is in a "quiet period" where they can't make any public statements because they might affect investors considering putting money into IPO of the semiconductor group into a separate company. I think this is BS, as my talk wasn't going to have any forward-looking statements, and I'd explicitly said in my slides that I could not talk about future plans with regards to Metrowerks or the CodeWarrior tools. It could be a case of lawyers ruining our fun, but I wonder if there are other political agendas at play here.

As of right now, I don't even know if I'm still going to the show. I'm going to make my best case on Wednesday morning, but without the talk, they might not think it worthwhile to have me spend four days on the road. I really should be at the show, considering my role in the Palm OS developer world, but I feel like I currently work for a company that doesn't see think that market is very important.

Yes, I'm venting here. It's my right. Maybe this will all get worked out; I still have a few people on my side. I'll update things with any news.
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