The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Cleaning Out My Blog Cache

I'd been using LiveJournal as my RSS aggregator for several months, but as I find more blogs or data sources that are interesting, it has become problematic. I kept having to add new friends groups and reallocate syndication feeds in order to be able to catch everything that's happening, as LJ limits the number of entries in a single group to 20. I would also spend a bit of time reloading friends pages and having to figure out where I'd stopped reading before to know what was new. The advantage of having all my feeds available from any computer with a web browser wasn't big enough to overcome the usability problems.

Well, today I finally decided to get serious about aggregators, and I've now got all of my feeds loaded into SharpReader, a free news aggregator for Windows. It seems to do a good job of supporting all the flavors of RSS, RDF, and Atom, and I like its user interface. I just wish it had the ability to do a newspaper-style view of items with them all combined into one web page panel, but I'm getting used to using ctrl-arrowkey to move among my unread items. There's a programming interface to add new features to the tool, so I'm already brainstorming some features that I might be able to implement.
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