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Do you need something Disemvowelled?
Copy text to clipboard, go to http://novalis.org/cgi/vowel.cgi, paste it into the big text area, and hit "vowel". Going in the other direction is an exercise left to the reader, th rdr wh mst b sp. (Thanks, Crooked Timber!)

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Currently Away From Home...

And I've been using a laptop with DamnSmallLinux installed - which ships with the Dillo browser - And Dillo uses Vowel-removal to shrink the size of Tab labels when the Tab bar gets crowded.

I had NO idea that you could take that much out of a sentance and still make sense of it!

(Ex: 'Linux: Another batch of silly newbie questions' becomes [lnx:Anthr btch of sll nwb...] )

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