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Essay on Reading Skills and Much, Much More
Today's Crooked Timber essay on how children are having difficulty following literature is written for geeks like me and my friends. It covers Neil Gaiman, comic books, computer skills, spelling, and old-fashioned values. There are lots of good links in the essay, including this informative post about spelling errors that no one should ever make.

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I cannot stress how important these spelling errors are. Granted, my own personality is ...eccessive on this point, but I have broken up with boys for not being consistently correct in their homonym usage. Surely other people exist with such adamant stances on grammar and spelling. It drives me completely insane! (Not that I had far to go, but you get the idea.) Why is it so hard to comprehend such basics? The averge fluent speaker of a language only knows about 2000 words. Surely 2000 words aren't that hard to keep straight!!

know, its knot more then the write weigh two bee. Just do it!

note to self: decide whether you meant to say eccentric or excessive before leaving a typo in a rant on spelling. roflmao.

OMG! What a looser! :)

I'll admit that I've tried to meet girls by starting conversations about spelling errors and punctuation. Doesn't work that well; it seems to be necessary, but not sufficient.

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