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Taking the Mass Out of Mass Transit
There's a fascinating article at Salon today about an alternative to mass transit systems called SkyWeb Express. The idea is that you've have lightweight, elevated guide lines that support small, 3-4 person electric vehicles. The early estimates show its much less expensive to deploy than light or heavy rail with a much lower cost-per-passenger-mile. The system also adapts to ridership levels, as cars only run when people are riding them, but as long as there are unused cars at a station, you can begin your point-to-point trip immediately.

It seems like a really nice way of rethinking transport services; who knows if it will go anywhere, but I'd love to ride it if it were available. If deployed in Austin, it could link up with our forthcoming commuter rail system, using the rail as bulk transport from the suburbs, with this serving as the last-five-mile solution rather than circulator buses.