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New Phone Smell
The Treo 650 has arrived, and it's boo-ti-ful!

It was at my front door when I headed out for lunch, so I brought it in, unpacked it in the kitchen, and hooked it up for a nice, long charge. As soon as I put the battery inside, it insisted on having me calibrate it, so I took a moment to admire the screen. Very pretty.

Back from lunch, I try out a few things. The camera works much better than the 600, with a very nice preview and video recording. Low light performance is very good. The keyboard lights up very brightly, and is easy to type on. I was able to get all my key data and programs moved over using my mad Palm OS skills and knowledge of the internal DB format; a normal user would have issues migrating their data forward, IMO.

Once I had all my key programs migrated, I called Sprint to activate the phone. It took about twenty minutes for basic activation to work, and I can make phone calls and do SMS. PCS Vision connectivity took about an hour. I've already fetched email on the device, and I'm now starting to play with the new Blazer 4.0 web browser.

More details later; I've got to go catch the Bill Hicks tribute show at the Alamo.

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(Deleted comment)
So, the main problem is that the 650 uses the new PalmOne PIM apps. I tried moving records using Palm OS Desktop, by exporting from my 600 username and importing with my 650 username, but the import failed saying the data wasn't in a valid format.

So, I did this:

  1. Beam "Filez" from my 600 to the 650
  2. Make sure the 650's has empty DBs for Contacts, Memos, Tasks, and Calendar.
  3. Use Filez to beam "AddressDB", "DatebookDB", "MemoDB", and "ToDoDB" from the 600 to the 650, overwriting the DBs on the 650.
  4. Start each app to verify that my data was transferred wholesale.
  5. Go to Hotsync Manager on the desktop and tell it that handheld overwrites desktop for those four conduits (not permanent, just for one sync)
  6. HotSync my 650, populating Palm OS Desktop with the right data.

For everything else, I mostly beamed the app over to the 650 from the 600, occasionally beaming the app's DBs with Filez. I didn't have a good way to transfer my phone favorites, so I just recreated those manually. If you were doing a 600-to-600 dump, I'd expect that you could just beam over the phone config DBs.

I'm turning pea-green with envy.... I'm still on my Treo 300. But I love it, I know the keyboard, and it does everything I want.


The Treo 300 was a great device; I used it as my main phone for almost a year before getting the 600; before that, I used a Kyocera QCP-6035. Each generation just makes me more convinced that smartphones are the future.

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