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Favorite Albums of 2003

A stray idea while walking from my car into work this afternoon -- what new stuff did I really like last year? I've not done a top 10 list, but I do have some entries. They all aren't necessarily released in 2003; some are 2002 that just didn't get promoted until last year:

I didn't get into too much new music last year; most of the stuff I found was from exposure on MTV2's "Subterranean", the show that was "120 Minutes" and then got downsized. Still, I'm digging the whole indie-pop scene right now; I want to get the new Death Cab for Cutie album; "The New Year", the first single, is a really nice anthem of frustration, and I really liked "Movie Script Ending" off the last DCFC album. soma fm's "indie pop rocks" streaming channel has been playing on my Treo 600 a bit lately.
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