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Minature Golf in Sunnyvale

I'm starting the third day of my trip to California, and so far, I'm having a good time.

I got a rare upgrade on the flight out to San Jose; usually, there are so many frequent fliers with more seniority that first class fills up on the AA MD-80, but Sunday morning isn't quite as popular.

I got to the hotel Sunday afternoon, took a little nap, and then headed across the street to the Playland Golf and Arcade complex. 36 holes of mini-golf goodness, organized into the "castle" zone and the "tiki" zone. I'd not played any sort of golf since college, but I had a good time. My putting is attrocious, but I seem to have good timing for hitting balls through opening and closing doorways.

It was cold out there, and after 90 minutes of play, I was pretty chilled. I only had one mishap; a little kid was running ahead of his parents, and jumped ahead of me to play a hole I was waiting on. The kid had a lot of enthusiasm, so actually didn't take long to hit the ball, go run after it, pick it up, and throw it at the hole.

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hehhe...that little boy has figured out the secret to golf! Don't know how many times I wanted to do that when I was having regular golf lessons.

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