The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Walking the Streets

Last night was filled with Palm OS developer questions, parody videos from past conferences (The Iron Engineers Flash Chip Challenge should show up online soon!), Indian buffet food, and laughter. I got to play with a few smartphones that may never be released in the US, but were still pretty cool, and I may have setup a couple of business deals with appropriate introductions. I got back to my room, where rather than doing the sensible thing by falling asleep, I decided that I needed to get another sixty pages into the fifth Harry Potter book.

Today was more meetings with people out here at the PalmSource campus. I used visitor fiat to charge into several offices, say hello, and start challenging assumptions. Much good was done, and aside from feeling a little sick after lunch, the day went smoothly. I have been alerted that there's a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT in the morning, but I don't know anything about it yet, so I'll have to find out at 9AM like everyone else. If this post gets edited post-posting, I've already said too much.

I just got back from fifty minutes of walking. For those familiar with this area, I started at Lawrence and Eiko, then made my way down Tasman almost to the Santa Clara Convention Center, then headed back. The sidewalk's only on one side of the road, but it was fairly well lit. The light rail tracks run down Tasman, so if I really needed to get back quickly, I had an out. The air was a little moist and by the time I returned, I was chilled, but it was good exercise, and I spent the walk listening to a really good BloggerCon III session, Julie Leung's Emotional Life panel.
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