The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Thursday is Pizza and Bowling Day

What is it about California that gets me doing things I'd otherwise not do? Today was pizza day. Lunch was pizza at the local bowling alley, where the Palm OS Developer Suite group thoughtfully ordered a veggie pizza, among others, during our celebration. I don't think I'd bowled since college (when I got advanced placement credit for a bowling class), but a lot of what I'd learned in that class came back to me. My first game was a warm up, with 87 being my final score. I did much better in the later games, bowling 134, 127, and 118. I only got a few strikes, but was doing OK on picking up spares. My aim was a little off, and I often left a pin or two even when hitting the pocket. I think I'm going to start visiting the lanes in Austin; it was a lot of fun.

More pizza showed up at 5PM for the weekly PalmSource gathering. I got to see some engineers I don't normally visit, but I still need to make rounds tomorrow to chat up a few people I missed. The Linux news was buzzing around the room, with people brainstorming about how we can do great things with this technology.

One more day at the office, then a Saturday afternoon flight back to Austin, and then a really full weekend, with live theater on Saturday and Foleyvision and house guest from Minnesota on Sunday.
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