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My Perfect Aggregator?
I keep experimenting with the way I read weblogs. I've been enjoying Sage, the Mozilla Firefox extension, but it's pretty limited. Today, I finally got an account setup with Bloglines, and I think I've found my ideal solution. It is a web-based aggregator, so +1 for being able to access it anywhere. It lets you easily group different feeds, although its grouping scheme doesn't handle subfolders right now. You can view a feed alone, as part of its group, or as part of the complete set of feeds to which you subscribe. You can publish a subset of the feeds you read as a personal blogroll, and import that data into other systems. It supports OPML Import and Export, so your feed list isn't locked into the service. It highlights new items since you last viewed your feeds, and also easily lets you view items from the recent past. It tells you how many other people on the service are watching a feed, so you can get an idea of the popularity of your site. There are Mozilla and IE extensions that let you setup automatic notifications of new items and easily add new feeds to your list. It gives you a link blog where you can add items from other feeds for safekeeping or sharing. Did I mention that the service is free? I'm hooked.

Where does it need help? I need to try it out on my Treo 650 and see if it's workable on a small screen/low bandwidth device. It doesn't let you change the style of the feed view, and while the current style is OK, I'd like to be able to customize the colors and margins. The OPML import had a couple of bugs that I've already reported.