The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

A Very Full Weekend

The end-of-year time is full of interpersonal contact and the schedule just fills up. Yesterday, I started with ocyn's birthday gathering. Dim sum wasn't the best choice for a vegetarian, but I found adding some chili to the Chinese snow pea greens helps a lot. I didn't care for the taro root cakes so much, and somehow, the big lump of yellow cake at the end of the meal reminded me of some sort of Spongebobian religious ceremony. That was all followed by some quality board gaming time down at Cresent City Beignets.

Next up was gift buying. In this case, my friends Patrick and Tiffany had registered at Bloodbath and Beyond, so I did the ritual of retrieving their registry, searching the store for an unpurchased item, buying it, and getting it wrapped. I didn't mind; I hope they find the glassware set useful, and I'll probably get a chance to try them out once I return from my Christmas trip.

After spending some stupor time at home, I headed back downtown for the P&T reception. The couple got married in November in a brief ceremony, then headed out to the British Isles for a three week honeymoon. Their trip included visits to Ireland, England, and Scotland. They had a Powerbook running a iPhoto slideshow, including some creepy shots of the wax museum in London. Highlights of the trip included dinner at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant (best meal ever!), visiting Speaker's Corner, running around Dublin, and seeing their Austin friends who'd moved to Edinburgh. Not-so-highlights included the worsening exchange rate of the dollar versus the euro and pound.

The reception was fun; it was at the Hyatt with food catered by their fajitas folks. I had my fill of salad, penne, chips, salsa, and guacamole. I got to catch up with some friends of theirs, and there was the inevitable Treo 600/650 geekout session.

Tonight, after dinner I'm off to the Sinus Show Christmas Celebration. I wrote about my experience with this last year, and I'm hoping they'll top their performance. The Sinus guys are selling CDs of their improvised Christmas Carols, so I'll probably leave the show swag enhanced.

Finally, Monday is work time, packing time, and more-catching-up time, then on Tuesday I'm off to CHA for eight days of holiday visitation.
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