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Alamo Buffy Rumor
The Original Alamo Drafthouse has done two weekends worth of sold-out Buffy the Vampire Slayer special events, and while I couldn't make it, I've had friends who went on both weekends and had a blast. The program featured a sing-along Rocky Horror version of "Once More With Feeling" and a completely quiet screening of "Hush". Well, according to my sources, the Alamo is going to do this again in 2005, and they've got James Marsters (the vampire Spike) set to come host the show. I expect a "Pedro Is Coming" level of excitement.

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AAAAAGH! I love Spike! I'm there if at all possible!

Yep, that's about what every girl in the theatre sounded like. *grin* However, he said that they were "talking to James Marsters", but didn't give a confirmation that he'd be there. (Though, honestly, most of what he said was completely covered up by feminine shrieks.)

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