The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Disturbing Christmas Specials

The Sinus Christmas Show was quite funny, and they had found a bunch of new content since last year. Some of the new Christmas specials were quite disturbing:
  • The Kid Rock special where he had two stockings, one labeled "Kid", the other "Rock"
  • Santa Claus meets Pac-Man and his reindeer eat power pellets to get recharged
  • Kathie Lee Gifford doing her best imitation of a rapping Flo from "Alice" while children work at the counter in the background
  • Weimaraner dogs making fruitcake and cookies with creepy human hands (here's a listing for the original video)

They were selling $5 CDs with improvised holiday songs from previous shows. I listened to it today, and a few would make pretty funny songs given a little additional effort.
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