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Disturbing Christmas Specials
The Sinus Christmas Show was quite funny, and they had found a bunch of new content since last year. Some of the new Christmas specials were quite disturbing:
  • The Kid Rock special where he had two stockings, one labeled "Kid", the other "Rock"
  • Santa Claus meets Pac-Man and his reindeer eat power pellets to get recharged
  • Kathie Lee Gifford doing her best imitation of a rapping Flo from "Alice" while children work at the counter in the background
  • Weimaraner dogs making fruitcake and cookies with creepy human hands (here's a listing for the original video)

They were selling $5 CDs with improvised holiday songs from previous shows. I listened to it today, and a few would make pretty funny songs given a little additional effort.

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I'm deeply confused. Sinus Christmas Special??

The word "sinus" has a very different holiday connotation for me...

Sinus is "The Sinus Show", the comedy group that previously was "Mr. Sinus", and before was "Mister Sinus Theater 3000". They do a MST3K-type comedy act at the Alamo Drafthouse, usually making jokes over bad movies, but skewering Christmas specials every December instead. http://www.mrsinus.com/ has more details.

Hope you enjoyed the Darlings

Hope you enjoyed the Darling New Neighbors, who I think played their Christmas covers at the Sinus show. My friend Elizabeth is the lead singer. I tried catching them at Emo's on Sunday night, but got there a bit too late.

Re: Hope you enjoyed the Darlings

I don't remember any Christmas cover songs at the show... there was a music mix playing on the PA before it got started, but all the in-show stuff was done by the Sinus guys.

So....did Owen loose the dress? *grin*

No, this time all three guys were there, and they were just wearing obnoxious holiday sweaters. The improvised songs weren't too memorable, except for the Jerm's Hanukkah Hot Oil Wrestling ballad.

Man...that sounds much better than the Middle-Eastern/Asian song they did while I was there...

Though, really - you missed a lot with theem just in sweaters. The whole *cringe* factor was missing. *grin*

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