The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Recording Interviews Using Skype

I've finally found a good tutorial on recording Skype voice-over-IP conversations, just posted here. The setup is really complex, involving installing device drivers, setting up a second Skype account, and running multiple user profiles, but I accept that it can work. It would really be a lot easier for the Skype people to just add recording as a feature for their next version; that would also allow better integration and the ability for either party to opt-out of a recording.

I don't think I'm going to invest in this; I think a better method would be to look into toll-free conferencing systems that have the ability to record a call and make it available over the web. I found quite a few hits on this topic, and while there's a per-minute cost, I think it can be fairly affordable for recording interviews, especially since you'll be getting true landline quality voice, rather than VOIP.

BTW, the reason I'm interested in this is that I'd like to do some interviews with Palm OS software developers for my "Combee on Palm OS" weblog. I originally wanted to get going on this in early November, but I got too busy to look into this in detail.
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