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O'Hare Segway Patrol
I'm on hour three of my layover here at Chicago's O'Hare airport. Lots on people here on their holiday travel. Most amusing has been the airport security officer that has sped by a few times on a Segway, navigating with agility through the baggage-laden crowds.

Not a bad way to use the device... it's definitely quicker than walking around through the long cooridors of terminals G, H, and K.

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(Laugh!) I'll be there tomorrow picking up lipitor - I hope you're not STILL there. :)

The Seg-ataur TSA'ers in O'hare was the first time I'd seen a segway in person - I was kind of stunned by the agility they have - I'd seen the videos and such, but it's nothing like watching somebody wheel one around a crowd while barely paying attention to driving it.

Nope... my flight to Chattanooga took off on time, and I'm now at my parents' house blogging from my old bedroom :)

I first got to try a Segway in Munich at our Euro DevCon. I didn't get to spent a lot of time on the unit since others were waiting; I'm looking forward to trying one again in the future.

One of the many arms of my company helped to make the Segway. Rumor had it that the US Postal Service thought them too dangerous for their carriers. I'm glad to hear that someone is using them.

In my archives here, I've got a story about a group here in Austin that does guided tours of the downtown on Segways. They're pretty neat, but I don't think I'd pay thousands of dollars for one.

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