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Off to San Jose
Well, I'm off on my third trip to San Jose California this year. This time, I'm speaking at PalmSource Developer Conference 2004! I'll also be hanging out at the programming lab, going to a Palm Entrepreneurs Forum dinner, and answering a lot of questions with "no comment". I hope to come back with a lot of the new web and streaming media working in the South by Southwest 2004 PDA schedule application, along with a lot of information on PalmSource's newest OS version, better contacts with the other important developers, and a bunch of good photos.

I'll be posting more technical info at http://palmoswerks.com/ while I'm there, but I'm keeping the personal stuff here. I hope I get in tonight in time to go to the cool vegetarian Vietnamese place a few blocks down from the Fairmont hotel in downtown San Jose. See you all soon!
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I made it to San Jose, but my luggage didn't make it with me. It should show up in the morning... hopefully I'll have a change of clothes before my 4:15 PM talk.

I didn't get to White Lotus, but I did get pretty lame Vietnamese food across the street. The service was very odd, with the waiter seeming to make snide comments whenever he came to our table. I dined with Eric C. from PalmSource and had a small vegetarian curry that lacked any noticable spice.

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