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Email as Wireless Least Common Denominator
A few days ago, I was at Vernard's apartment, and I did something that astonished him. We'd played a great German board game, Blokus, the night before, and I'd gone online to see about its availability here in the US. On their site, they had an ad for a Palm OS version of it, so I downloaded it to the laptop. I didn't have my HotSync cable handy, so I just pulled the PRC file for the game out of its ZIP file, emailed it to my "combee_phone" account, pulled down email on my Treo 650, and installed it directly from the attachment. V said that this combination of wireless technologies just made his brain hurt, but for me it was just another way to solve a problem with email acting as the LCD communication method.

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Makes sense to me. :) How's the game?

We missed you at Crescent City last night. I got satyric "Carcassone: the City" for Christmas, and we tried it out for the first time. Great game! Similar, yet very different from, the original. I think you'll like it.

I really like Blokus and am likely to have a real-life version on my doorstep soon. It plays best with four players, but two can have fun as well. It's a quick game, lasting about twenty minutes.

I missed the game, but I did find a board game shop in Chattanooga having its annual buy-one-get-one-free sale, so I've returned with "Spammers", "Greed Quest", "Sheep & War", and "Drake & Drake", all ready for game-night goodness!

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