The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

3DX 2004 Wrap up

Monday night was the annual Third Day of Christmas party that my friend Strick throws in Atlanta. I've been to five or six of them; I'll usually try to stick around Georgia for a few days after Christmas to make sure I can attend. In the past, these have been at a little house in Virginia Highlands, Atlanta's equivalent of Austin's Hyde Park. The house is being renovated from the inside out right now, with it eventually becoming both eco-friendly and RF-resistant, so this party was help on the Georgia Tech campus instead, at the Psi Upsilon house.

The party was the usual assortment of freaks and geeks, with the addition of a lot of the members of Psi U. There was plenty of alcohol, including odd items like the Hungarian "cure-all" UNICUM that reminded people of a cough syrup Jagermeister. My friend vernard debuted his extremely simple drinking game: tell someone "drink", then have them tell you "drink". Repeat until done. As a non-drinker, I found this all amusing.

A Psi U guy told me the story of their phone book fire pit. This was a stack of Atlanta phone books, arranged in a fort-like circle in their commons room. When the phone books were delivered, the agent of BellSouth insisted of providing a set of books for each resident of the place. They really only needed a couple of sets, so the remaining books were put to use in various construction projects.

I did get involved in a really interesting conversation about the nature of storytelling at one point in the evening, talking with people who were doing research on the topic. One was using this to design better educational software that would enable kids to learn about different topics in developmentally appropriate ways. Another guy was using this to figure out how computers can present choices to people in a structured way that feel intuitive and friendly, leading someone through a decision without showing lots of inappropriate actions or data. I left the conversation with homework; I need to read up on my Joseph Campbell.

I got to hang out with zorathene who made a grand effort to come out. We talked about various things; she's really sweet and a little nosy :) I spent more time with Miss D, the young woman/DSL goddess/theater geek who I'd met the previous night. I got to see an altered picture of Michael Jackson from the Plunderphonics issue of Mondo 2000 that's now burnt into my mind forever. I witnessed what happens with Georgia Tech girls realize just how much power they have over the Georgia Tech guys, and start using that for devious ends. I saw the end of a chair-busting tickle orgy. I had close personal contact with a frivolous beta emitter. It was a good party.
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