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Takin' a Ribbon
Product of the day: Custom-made magnetic ribbons, just like you see on the SUVs with the W stickers, but saying something that you might actually find amusing or thoughtful.

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Where I live, next to the largest military base in the world, these ribbons are not for the SUV crowd, and almost none of them say W. Instead they're yellow for soldiers in Iraq, or simply patriotic, or the message is related to that somehow ("half my heart is in Iraq," etc.) People have large arrangements of them, on the backs of cars, on hoods, on the sides, sometimes in patterns. While a lot of the people here are Bush supporters, the ribbons cross party lines and show support for the soldiers. My husband and I got a pair within a week of getting here, to show support.

Given that, I still love the links and look forward to adding to my "ribbon" collection in subversively patriotic ways :-)

Thank you for the reminder that not all of the ribbon mania is abject partisanship. I do feel a lot of sympathy for our American military and national guard that we've put in harms way, and I didn't mean them any disrespect.

However, I definitely feel the best way we can respect our military is to not deploy them frivolously, and the best way for us to have national security is to work to build a world where countries cooperate, past hatred is put away, and the benefits of our standard of living are shared with all.

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