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ACTV Under Investigation
Since "The Show With No Name" went off the air, I've not been involved with ACTV in any way, but I still have affection for Austin's public access outlet. News 8 Austin reports that the TV station is being audited and there are allegations of ethics problems and misappropriations of funds. This can't be good for the producers and programs, and I hope this investigation doesn't hurt any of their community activities.

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That's terrible news. I toyed with the idea of doing a show on access some years back--enough to go through the mandatory orientation. It seemed like a good place. I wonder what happened.

I did two access shows -- The Show With No Name, that ran for eight years (yow!), and Coollist, which had two completed episodes. Coollist was a one-man effort based on ideas from a mailing list (proto-blog) I had back in 1995 when I first moved out here. I've still got show notes online at, although the second episode only barely resembled the notes I had for it.

Oh, I appeared on a third program, the O'Henry Pun Off show, as a panelist once, and as a contestant two years. After that, I swore off puns forever (or for a few hours, whichever came first).

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