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Waking Up With Jeff and David
Jeff Hawkins (creator of the PalmPilot and Treo) and David Nagel (president of PalmSource), of course.

They are doing a interview up on stage in the big ballroom, and David just asked Jeff about how he invents great devices. Blah.

Last night, I spent several hours at the developer lab. It was crowded, and I kept getting pulled aside and asked the questions. It was fun but exhausting, and I'll be doing it all again tonight.

I got a couple of surprise gifts yesterday. A developer from Sweden I knew brought me a classic Swedish film on a region 2 DVD, fortunately with English subtitles. I also got a bottle of chocolate liqueur from a Canadian developer that does an application that helps you map out caves while spelunking.

Well, back to the talk. I guess I ought to pay attention.
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What was the "Classic Swedish film"? I Am Curious (Yellow)? One of those Swedish Marriage Manuals?

I just got back up to my room to handle some programming tasks, so I can answer this one. The film is "En Karlekshistoria", which translates at "A Swedish Lovestory". Not too descriptive, but a quote from the back describes it as "masterlig skildring" and gives it a five herring rating (Note: the symbols that I'm calling herring may actually be torches or gentlemen with berets.)

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