The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Alone Time in San Jose

One of the dangers of being a minor celebrity at a technical conference is that you never lack for people wanting to get some assistance from you. I like this, but after three days, I just wanted to be by myself tonight, so I dodged the PEF dinner and just went to White Lotus, where I had a spicy mock-Kung Pao Chicken dish with Vietnamese summer rolls.

I won one of the door prizes at the lab last night; I got an entry for getting my SXSW application working on the new Palm OS Cobalt, and I got a gak football that's made of slightly sticky gel and squishes nicely.

I looking forward to my return to Austin tomorrow. I've already told a number of my friends at the conference about my upcoming transition, and they all were supportive. I'll probably go ahead and tell my manager at Metrowerks on Friday when I get to the office; there's no point now in putting it off over the weekend.

I didn't enter the PalmHack contest this year. I had a few good ideas, but nothing that I wanted to spend hours of time on. I'm going to have a chance to do lots of "hack" examples with my new position. It looks like there's going to be a huge amount of work for me in the next few months with the new Palm OS Developer Suite toolset, the new operating system, and the need for a lot of example code.

This last day did have some memorable moments. Guy Kawasaki, former Apple evangelist, gave the morning keynote which was filled with funny advice about how to market software and survive in the high-tech world. I'm going to mail him to get a copy of his presentation; it's worth seeing live. Later, they did a "family feud" skit on stage with Palm people versus Bill Gates, Steve Balmer, and the head of Nokia; it poked a bit of fun at both sides, but mostly at the competition. Finally, after the final address, Azeeca, a company from New Zealand, had a virtual sheep sheering constest, using a blow-up sheep covered in bar codes, and a program that showed an increasingly shorn sheep on the big screen as you scanned codes on the doll's skin. I've got some pictures from that one.
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