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Oops, We're Doing It Again
So, if you've been reading ahead in your Alamo calendars, you may have noticed an entry for March 5th: The Show With No Name: Live!. Yep, Charlie and Cinco are going to be doing another live program at the Alamo Downtown, and I've been sucked into the planning and production. I don't think this time will be as depraved as our last live show (good news for astraether and demonhaunted), but I'll know more once preparations get started. Mark your calendars now.

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Hahaha. Yeah, it was a little too much for my delicate constitution. :)

Hope I don't have to clench my teeth so hard this time...

... but if I hurl and win a free t-shirt, I'll be aiming for Charlie.

Keep up the fine work.

Gimme a 'V'
Gimme an 'O'
Gimme an 'M'

Re: Hope I don't have to clench my teeth so hard this time...

I really don't know if the Jackass clips will be part of this collection... I don't think I could see those again myself.

That's OK. The Show With No Name was a public access TV show that ran in Austin for about eight years. I worked on it as a tech guy and writer. We also did a few live versions of the show at the Alamo while we were on the air, and now we're doing another live show.

I was referring more to why Astra and Ajit would be more pleased with this one. Just curious. Was it gross or something?

Ah, yes... the previous live show was "The Show With No Name: Raw, Uncensored & Totally Nude", and it featured stuff that was too "out-there" for us to show on television. I personally think we went too far :)

Good to know things aren't totally done. You should call up Korey Coleman from The Reel Deal (I can help you out there) and set up some sort of skit, since the whole jokey competion thing has gone on in the past.

Not a bad idea... we could ask him how things are going at access, and he could act like it's a battlefield and report on the casualities... or he could just lord over us as the Access Survivor. I'll mention that to Charlie.

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