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First Night at the Gym
I finally joined a gym this week. I'd had access to small gyms in the past, and I found them pretty useful, but I always balked at the idea of getting in your car to drive some place to burn energy. However, I've really been enjoying my evening walks since last summer, but I've been annoyed when its been too wet or cold to go out, so I finally decided to join up. The added benefits of pool, sauna, and jacuzzi access, along with the ability to visit this chains other locations when I'm traveling on business cinched the deal. Tonight was my first real visit, and I've left with a few notes to myself:
  • I need to get a combination lock so I can protect my gear in the locker room without having to expend quarters.
  • The Treo 650 is a great phone and a fine music and podcast player, but the device is a bit too fragile and awkward to use in the gym environment. Dig up your old Nomad II or get something like an iPod Shuffle. I like the looks of the Grandtec MP3 music player; it will let me reuse my many free Treo's SD cards.
  • Put a few loose white t-shirts, assorted socks and undies, some comfortable shorts, swim trunks, and some covered shoes in a bag and leave that in your trunk so you'll always have something to wear when you feel like stopping by for some exercise. That equipment bag you got a the Symbol wireless conference in 2000 will work nicely.
  • 10PM is a good time to stop in as the place still has people, but it's not crowded or busy, and you can still get home and catch up on things before going to sleep.
I hope to stop in a couple more times this week. I need to try it around 9:30AM and see how visiting before checking in with work goes.

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Having hated Phys Ed as a kid, I can't get my mind around paying for the experience as an adult. And using sweaty equipment...icky!

If I must break a sweat I'd rather do it on the piste or on the dancefloor.

Yes, I hated PE too... I was able to use my status as a gifted student to get out of it much too often. I've always been resistant to gyms, as I don't like crowds. However, in the back of my mind, one of my biggest resistances has been a feeling that I could be doing something better with my time. Now that I've found a way to keep learning while working out, the whole process has become more interesting.

Besides, I really do want to become more healthy. My diet is about as good as I can manage, so the big area to improve is exercise. I really like walking, but it's not going to provide me a high level of calorie burning or any significant strength training to improve my metabolism.

Feel free to borrow one or more of the beasts if you want to get more of a workout while walking. For an upper-body workout, I suggest both dogs in a neighborhood with loose cats...

did you see the report about germs on gym equipment?

...my many free Treo's...

Geeez. Some people! :)

Oops... I meant 'free' as in 'available for use', not 'Ben's got this all comped'. I also should have said 'Treo's free SD cards'. :)

And here I was going to stake myself out in an airport dressed as a hare Krishna and see if I could bum one off of you. :S

After seeing the giant pile of PDAs that the guy who wrote the GBA emulator had, I guess I just thought everybody but me had nine or ten top-of-the-line devices laying around. :)

Hmmm... so right now I've got all of these devices, either at home or loaned out to friends:
  • Treo 650, 600, 300
  • Zire m150, 71, 72
  • Tungsten T, T3, C
  • Tapwave Zodiac 2
  • Sony CLIE TH55, T615C
  • Palm VIIx, PalmPilot Personal, PalmPilot Professional (clear case)
  • Handspring Visor Prism (with VisorPhone and BeatPlus modules)
  • HandEra 330
  • Kyocera QCP-6035
Yes, it's a little excessive, but they all were useful when purchased.

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