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Last Week at PalmSource
While I'm looking forward to starting my new job on Monday, the last week with an employer you like is never too joyful. You spend a lot of time wrapping up projects, trying to document what you've been doing, and making suggestions for how things can be better in the future, a future you don't have a stake in building. Yesterday, I wrote up a bunch of internal wiki pages about various web site maintenance tasks that I've been performing; this actually is an activity I wish I'd done earlier, because in writing down what you're doing, you become aware of all of the little inefficiencies that add up to make something simple become complicated.

For example, to post a file to the new PalmSource developer site and announce it to the world, I have to interact with three different systems, use five different login accounts, and perform about fifteen different steps. That's just unreal, but that's what happens when you've got a mishmash of systems that you've pulled in from different vendors.

The big palmOne news this week is the departure of their CEO, Todd Bradley. A lot of people in the "market" reacted badly to this, but I'm not too worried. I think this essay on the PalmAddicts site sums up my feelings pretty well. Of course, I could have fun with this; when I finally go public on my "Combee on Palm OS" site, I might have to include a denial that I'm a candidate for the CEO position just to stir up the rumor mill.

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Take a picture of yourself in a suit, Photoshop your hair to make it whiter, and who knows how far the rumour could go...

I haven't even tuned into PalmInfoCenter on this one - I'm sick of their troll infestation, and this is maybe the third Palm site I've been on that has gone this way.

Am I really being paranoid when thinking that there's some sort of organized attempt to contaminate/mess with/crapflood Palm sites?

Any reccomendations of a site regularly worth reading?

Re: The general stink.

Well, I've got a list of mobile sites I read at http://palmos.combee.net/general/Blogroll.html. The Palm Infocenter comments are pretty bad these days, but I like the articles and Ryan's a good guy. I don't have any site that I really recommend for discussion.

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