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Buy Our Box of Airline Food!

American Airlines sent me an email about their exciting new "buy-on-board" food options. Oh boy. First, they've got a "Morning Snack Box" for $3 for flights between 6 and 10AM.
  • Kellogg's® Nutri-Grain Muffin Bar
  • Ocean Spray® Craisins®
  • New York Style® Brand® Mini Bagel Chips
  • rondelé® cream-cheese spread
  • Peerless® Starlight Mint
Isn't it great how they've been able to brand everything in that box. I certainly feel better knowing that my "crasins" are from the good people at Ocean Spray. Yow! They also have the $3 "Afternoon Snack Box":
  • Pepperidge Farm® Distinctive Crackers
  • Sparrer's® gourmet beef salami slices
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Delyse® Orchard Fruit Mix
  • Oreo® cookies
There's no branding for the "Cheddar cheese"; I guess they couldn't find a sponsor. I'll have to see if the "gourmet beef" is wrapped separately, because I certainly wouldn't want this if the salami was intermingled with the fruit or crackers... I mean "Distinctive Crackers"; who'd want ordinary crackers when flying in coach? They've also got a turkey-filled wrap or croissant, but that's only for transcontinental flights or trips to Hawaii and certainly not vegetarian-friendly, so I won't pay any attention to it.
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