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Austin's New Calendar
One of the threads of conversation last night was about the weather here in Austin; we decided that Austin needed it's own set of seasons:
  • Summer (May-June)
  • Double Summer (July-August)
  • Springfall (September-April)
Someone wanted to squeeze in the Feast of Elevensies there, although I'm not quite sure where it goes. I'll stick it in January, but floating around to match the occasional cold weather we receive.

(Clarification: The Elevensies refers to the outside temperature when this Feast is active.)

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I'd tighten up the SpringFall dates. And don't forget Winter, although it's hard to tell onto which days the roughly two weeks will fall each year. Or maybe it's WinterSpringFall, between December and March.

It's was 80 degrees outside in the middle of January. We have no Winter. :)

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