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Modern Dance in One Minute Increments
Tonight was another venture into the world of live performances. I took the lovely apryl_knight out to see the "Dance Carousel" performance at the Blue Theater in Austin's east side. This was part of the Long Fringe section of FronteraFest. The concept was ten dance groups each did four one-minute pieces, with each group going in order one-by-one. While not everything clicked, I really enjoyed the grand majority of works. One group did interpretations of language tapes, with the movements coordinated with the different vocabulary words in Arabic, Russian, and French. Another group showed four different time slices from a hip-hop audition; an older man did a solo dance to abstract piano pieces; five women came out and danced with their babies, including a really cute number to the Superman movie theme. A couple flirted, grew close, fought, then danced separately. There was a experiment-themed work where dancers were put to 40-second tests that they usually failed. It was confusing, abstract, but always interesting.

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I met April not too long ago:)

That concept reminds me of the movie The Saddest Music in the World

Hopefully, she was well met.

I've not yet seen "Saddest Music", but I've wanted to see it, especially since Mark McKinney's in the film. I remember that you liked it from your LJ post -- maybe I'll find a copy soon.

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