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Meme: Builld Your Own TV Channel Schedule
So it's Monday morning, and I'm inspired to start my own meme. Here goes:

You're programming the daily lineup for a cable TV channel. This runs from 8AM to 8PM every weekday (think Eastern time). How would you program the network? Include only shows that have at least 60 episodes -- they need to be viable candidates for syndication, which means they can run for twelve weeks without a repeat.

My own schedule starts with a few shows for the kiddies, then goes into drama for a few hours, and then it goes all funny for the rest of the day.

8:00am - The Tomorrow People (British 70's version)
8:30am - Mr. Wizard's World
9:00am - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
10:00am - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
11:00am - Sex and the City
11:30am - Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist
noon - The Show With No Name
1:00pm - Mystery Science Theater 3000
3:00pm - The West Wing
4:00pm - The Kids in the Hall
4:30pm - Whose Line Is It Anyway? (British version)
5:00pm - Comedy Central Presents
5:30pm - NewsRadio
6:00pm - The Simpsons
6:30pm - Futurama
7:00pm - South Park
7:30pm - The Daily Show

(Edit: I just realized that "Sports Night" only ran for two seasons, so it fails my own syndication test, so I'm replacing it with "Comedy Central Presents", their long-running stand-up comedy showcase. I'm also integrating tangoglenn's comments about kiddies coming home at 3PM and moving some time slots around.)

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What if you really liked shows that tended to have less than 60 episodes? (Firefly!!) Man, this is soooo complicated. ;)

Hey, I love "Firefly" too, but there's just not enough of it to play over and over -- you can do a Firefly mini-series, but that's for prime time!. On my own list, I had to cut "Mr. Show", as there are only 30 episodes of that. Same goes for things like "The State", "Greg the Bunny", and even "Family Guy".

Corrupting the kiddies?

I see that the Show With No Name is over before the kiddies might get home from school, but they might catch some of Sex and the City.

Personally, I'd move The West Wing into the afternoon time slot for them. Right after those ditties about how Bills are passed, etc.

Holy crap! The Tomorrow People! I thought I was the only person who used to watch that..

I blame the Tomorrow People for my latent interests in teleportation and talking to computers using wrist communicators. :)

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