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Meme: Builld Your Own TV Channel Schedule
So it's Monday morning, and I'm inspired to start my own meme. Here goes:

You're programming the daily lineup for a cable TV channel. This runs from 8AM to 8PM every weekday (think Eastern time). How would you program the network? Include only shows that have at least 60 episodes -- they need to be viable candidates for syndication, which means they can run for twelve weeks without a repeat.

My own schedule starts with a few shows for the kiddies, then goes into drama for a few hours, and then it goes all funny for the rest of the day.

8:00am - The Tomorrow People (British 70's version)
8:30am - Mr. Wizard's World
9:00am - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
10:00am - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
11:00am - Sex and the City
11:30am - Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist
noon - The Show With No Name
1:00pm - Mystery Science Theater 3000
3:00pm - The West Wing
4:00pm - The Kids in the Hall
4:30pm - Whose Line Is It Anyway? (British version)
5:00pm - Comedy Central Presents
5:30pm - NewsRadio
6:00pm - The Simpsons
6:30pm - Futurama
7:00pm - South Park
7:30pm - The Daily Show

(Edit: I just realized that "Sports Night" only ran for two seasons, so it fails my own syndication test, so I'm replacing it with "Comedy Central Presents", their long-running stand-up comedy showcase. I'm also integrating tangoglenn's comments about kiddies coming home at 3PM and moving some time slots around.)

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Hey, I love "Firefly" too, but there's just not enough of it to play over and over -- you can do a Firefly mini-series, but that's for prime time!. On my own list, I had to cut "Mr. Show", as there are only 30 episodes of that. Same goes for things like "The State", "Greg the Bunny", and even "Family Guy".

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