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The Latest Trend in "Animal" "Companions"
OK, so I thought the Sony Aibo was cute, but it's obviously a robot dog and it actually interacts with you. Now, I see that an Austin company is producing handcrafted pet simulators that look like puppies and kittens, but just sit there, making sleeping and breathing noises. These just seem creepy to me.

To quote their website:

Cat fanciers will adore these pretty, slumbering Perfect Petzzz kittens. And they come without the litter box, smelly food, vet bills and spraying incidents associated with cat ownership. The perfect companions, Perfect Petzzz kittens just sleep the day away.

Each Perfect Petzzz kitten is individually handmade, with slight variations in color and appearance-just like real kittens! Two new 'D' alkaline batteries allow your kitten to live and 'breathe' for up to four months before new batteries are required.

I guess I'm thinking a little too much about this, but my sick and twisted mind wonders if Perfect Petzzz would combine their "technology" with the barbaric art of modern taxidermy: "Is Rover dead, Grammy? No, he's just sleeping... sleeping for up to four month before new batteries are required!"

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The forgot the most important selling point: Perfect Petzzz don't wake you up in the middle of the night playing with the blinds. Or blow you off when you want to pet them.

You could also actually get away with the line "I'm just playing catch with my pet" and not have the ASPCA after you....

a Muffit for every child!

Looks like we are one step closer to replacing real live pets with Battlestar Galactica daggits.

Maybe I should get one for my 93-yr-old grandmama. Hmmmmm....

I agree, definitely creepy. I wonder what my live pets would make of one. Hmmmm.....

They would probably be rather disturbed by its presence - I know I would be.

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