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What Is Ben Reading? (middle of February 2005 Edition)
While waiting for a big build to complete, here's a list of all the books that I'm in the middle of reading. I really need to finish one or two or these before starting another book; my backlog of interesting things to read just keeps growing -- I think I'm going to tackle "Quicksilver" once I finish the Wolfe book, and I just got a book on Project Orion, the American effort to build nuclear bomb-powered rockets, that looks really good.

I Am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe (e-book version)

Linux Cookbook by Carla Schroder
ARM System Developer's Guide: Designing and Optimizing System Software by Andrew Sloss

War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning by Chris Hedges
Live From New York by James A. Miller and Tom Shales
Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams and Mark Cawardine
Homegrown Democrat by Garrison Keillor

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Last Chance to See is a lovely book. I got to meet Douglas Adams when that came out (when I say "meet", I mean speak with at a book-signing for all of three minutes. Woot! I *so* wanted to ask him out, but I didn't have the guts). Anyway, it's been a favorite of mine for some time.

Give us some reviews! Thumbs-up or -down, etc....

I just finished "Linux Cookbook", and I recommend it highly to anyone setting up a Linux-based system, especially if you've got familiarity with Unix-like systems as a user, but want to know a lot of the useful administration and setup things.

I've read "Last Chance" before, back when it first came out, so this is a re-read. Douglas Adams was the most influential writer of my youth -- I read the first three Hitchhikers book when I was in third and fourth grade, and spent the next couple of years writing short stories in a very similar style. I got to meet him briefly at a book signing for "Mostly Harmless"; it's too bad he died so young.

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