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How to view "The West Wing" in 16 Easy Steps

  1. Setup a season pass for "The West Wing" on your Tivo

  2. Setup a competing season pass for "Alias" that's got higher priority.

  3. Set you DVD recorder to grab the show.

  4. Forget to leave a blank DVD in the recorder for two weeks.

  5. Go online and download copies of both episodes using BitTorrent.

  6. Try to burn a DVD of the shows, but fail when your encoding software tries to stretch the widescreen program to fill the whole frame.

  7. Copy the two shows to your USB hard drive.

  8. Bring your laptop downstairs.

  9. Find a SVHS cable and a 1/4" mini-jack to 2 RCA cable and plug your laptop into your receiver.

  10. Set your laptop to use a second monitor and set it up with appropriate scan rate (60Hz), resolution (800x600), and color depth (32-bit).

  11. Run Windows Media Player to play the AVI file.

  12. Go online, find the needed DixV and MP3 codecs to playback the file correctly, and install those.

  13. Figure out why Windows Media Player is having frame playback problems.

  14. Install Video Lan Client (VLC) instead, drag the AVI to its window, drag that to the second monitor, and go into full screen mode.

  15. Remember to disable the screen saver about ten minutes into the program.

  16. Enjoy!

For added enjoyment, do this while your Internet connection is on the fritz so you can only rely on files that you happen to still have around on another computer.

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...and I thought I was having a bad night setting up my laptop to print to a JetDirect over the network. Geez.

Welcome to the future!

Ugh. Sounds like you had a miserable evening. Me, I'll wait until the show is canceled and then rent the DVDs from Encore Video.

What impressed me most was the speed at which the steps progressed. No loud, long swearing in between (12a UNPRINTABLE, 13a UNPRINTABLE, ...)

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