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How Paris Hilton Was Hacked
This story just amazes me. Apparently, hackers were able to get into Paris Hilton's web account that mirrored her Sidekick phone because the "forgot your password" question she picked was "What is the name of your favorite pet?" Anyone who's seen a certain episode of "South Park" could guess that one. Using that knowledge, they were able to reset her password to one of their own choosing, get into her account, and download everything.

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The Register's been having fun with the story (no, Nicole is safe). And Nerve was having fun with the list of celebrities whose names were on the Sidekick (Frankie Muniz?!?, "Egplant dikeass" ???).

So much for the "who would really *want* my personal information" line of defense. Note to self: don't get famous.

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