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Ben Saves the Show
Well, I played a small but important part.

I got to the Bill Hicks tribute show about 9:15, and there was a big line outside waiting to be let into the theater. I check with the ticket counter, and they find my name on the guest list, so I go join the line. About 9:35, they start letting people in, and having been told it's sold out, I decide to take the worst seat in the house -- front row, all the way to the edge. I'm right in front of the sound mixing board in the front of the room, right next to where Charlie's going to be introducing clips. Well, the place doesn't fill up completely, so I've got about six seats between me and the rest of the people on that row, but I've already placed my food order, so I just stay put.

The show finally starts about ten minutes late, and Charlie explains that it was almost canceled after they got a cease-and-desist letter from the Hick family lawyers. He talked to the lawyers about the letter, and they made him go ahead and do the show, but forced him and the Alamo to donate all the all the proceeds from the show to the Bill Hicks Foundation for Wildlife. So, Charlie talks about doing research on this group and coming to the conclusion that while it's a non-profit organization, they're mostly spending their money to rehab wounded raccoons, which Charlie explains to be giant squirrels.

After the second group of clips, Charlie comes back down with a wireless phone and tries to call Bill's brother, Steve Hicks. The phone is cutting out and he's not able to get it to work. Seeing me right in front of him, he asks to use my Treo. I dial Steve's number, turn on the speakerphone, and Charlie's able to amplify that so the whole room can ask questions and hear the responses.

About that time, the waiter brings by the check, so I put down my money and head out -- I'd already seen all the clips a few times, so I say goodbye to Charlie and company in the back and head out. It was a fun show, and Bill's bits still really work, even after hearing them lots of times, but it's late and I've got things to do. Still, I'm glad I was able to help out.

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Happy to hear that Bill's still drawin' em in.

Ben to the rescue! Technology ROCKS.

I got a picture in my mind of a Treo springing up suddenly and singing, a la Andy Kaufman, Heeeeere I come to save the day!

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