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The Life Unwired

with Ben Combee

The Life Unwired with Ben Combee
3 June
I'm Ben Combee, and this is my LiveJournal. It is available through the URL http://thelifeunwired.com/, in addition to the standard LJ mechanisms.

Contact info is stored in private, backdated post.
adult swim, alamo drafthouse, alias, alton brown, ani difranco, asylum street spankers, atari, atlanta, austin, basia, be good tanyas, beth orton, bill hicks, bishop shelby spong, bluetooth, board games, brooklyn, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, card games, cartoon network, codewarrior, comedy central, computer languages, computer security, computers, conan o'brien, cowboy bebop, cryptography, cuddling, demetri martin, democrats, dido, dvds, everything but the girl, feminism, film, film festivals, film threat, firefly, flying, foreign movies, freezepop, french film, frequency, gadgets, gaming, geek culture, geeks, georgia tech, greg the bunny, hal hartley, history, hot tubs, imdb, improv, independent film, indian food, indie films, intelligent conversation, issac asimov, jenny toomey, jill sobule, jim jarmusch, joss whedon, kids in the hall, liberal politics, linux, lisa loeb, magnapop, malcolm gladwell, math, movies, movies with subtitles, mr. show, nathan barley, neal stephenson, negativland, palm, palm os, palmone, palmsource, park slope, pdas, penny arcade, pj harvey, politics, programming, progressive politics, public access tv, puns, pylon, reading, redheads, sam phillips, sarah silverman, satire, sci fi, science, science fiction, show with no name, sixpence none the richer, slack, sleater kinney, sleater-kinney, sluggy freelance, smart people, spaced, spaceflight, spanish film, spicy food, spoon, sports night, star trek, stephen colbert, strangers with candy, suzanne vega, sxsw, talking heads, tea, technology, techwood, tegan and sara, thai food, the daily show, the ditty bops, the new pornographers, the postal service, the sinus show, they might be giants, tivo, tori amos, treo, upright citizens brigade, usability, vegetarian, vegetarianism, vegetarians, venus hum, video editing, video games, wheatsville